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My name is Esperanza


which is Spanish for Hope.

I am an esthetician and a multi-certified lash artist and PMU artist.


After graduating Esthetics school in 2015, I quickly learned about lash extensions and how I could indulge in my creative abilities all while making people really happy! I was obsessed!! Unfortunately, I also observed that there was a huge lack of quality, integrity, customer service, and most importantly, passion within the industry. The actual art of lash extensions, was in my opinion disregarded. 

Soon thereafter, I started my journey of establishing Lovely Eyes by Hope.


In 2018 I decided to take my first semi permanent make up class so that I could advance in helping my clients with shortening their morning routine. 


What makes me unique?


Quality and trust is extremely important to me. I Continuously commit to investing in top of the line training so that I can stay up to date with the evolving industry. This also keeps me equipped to produce customized looks to each client while maintaining the health of the skin and natural lashes. Customers can trust that when deciding which look they want. Natural or dramatic, that they will still look like themselves, just better! They can also trust that their real lashes will never have to be jeopardized just to enjoy lash extensions. Even after years of wear. Last but not least, all precautions are taken to avoid all unwanted conditions and allergic reactions . This is achieved by performing skills that were instructed at trainings and keeping the air clean.


Quality training,  premium products and passion is what separates luxury from basic.

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