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My name is Esperanza


which is Spanish for Hope.

I am an esthetician and a multi-certified lash artist and PMU artist.

lashes permanent makeup brows toledo ohio and garden city michigan


My mission is to help people improve their confidence, and shorten their morning routine by providing ethical and superior services with only the highest quality products. All of this is done while ensuring the health of the skin and natural lashes.


I take pride in making sure that you are always comfortable at your appointment in all ways. Life can be hectic. This is your time to relax. Every Lash extension and PMU service is customized to your unique eye and face shape. You will get to partake in choosing your design based on your eye shape.

Therefore, you can also find comfort in knowing that you will be satisfied.


It is also my goal to be constantly educated so that I can always be knowledgable on the ever growing industry and continue to deliver nothing but the best services.

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