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If you want to become a lash artist today and stand out in this everchanging lash industry it is crucial to seek out the best education. When entering the lash industry in 2015, I did a lot of research when seeking out trainings. I wanted to train with the best and I did. With so many styles, artists, and classes out there, not many that take into consideration client customization and the health of the natural lashes. I now see way too many clients come to me with bad work, Improper weights, no mapping, wrong amount of glue being used, and so much more. The proper training will ensure your career as a professional lash artist. You then are capable of providing high quality, services that you will feel good about.


You will learn the difference between and the proper techniques of classic, (and wet sets) hybrid, volume, and mega volume. Lash anatomy, safety and sanitation guidelines, 4 different fan making techniques including mega volume, lash health and lash extension aftercare, client customization and lash mapping, proper application, isolation, removal, glue knowledge, retention and allergy prevention.

Your included training manual will be emailed 1-2 weeks prior to training so that it can be studied at home and then reviewed in class with me. This, in person, hands on training will be intense and highly focused on application and techniques.




This class dives into the most important aspects of a what is crucial for starting a career as a lash artist. We will cover proper placement of classic (and wet sets) hybrid, and volume. The secrets to creating clean sets and customizing sets for each client. Lash anatomy, safety and sanitation guidelines, glue knowledge, retention and allergy prevention. This is an intensive, hands on, training. *




For the lash artist that is already certified and ready to improve their volume skills and learn Mega Volume. Learning Mega Volume alone will improve all of your sets! Mega volume will allow you to customize sets even more then ever while keeping clients lashes healthier then ever. This class includes intense hands on training on making fans! *


* Included in all trainings
Master, beginner, or advanced lash manual, mannequin head and starter kit, certification, and light refreshments.

** Group classes can be purchased at a discounted rate.

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