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permanent jewelry lashes permanent makeup brows toledo ohio and garden city michigan


What is Permanent Jewelry? Since it is permanent there is no chance of you ever losing it. It is claspless so no more getting annoyed with your necklace clasp moving around. The quality of metal is outstanding, so you never have to worry about tarnishing. It supports sustainable fashion. You can get it with your friends, family member, partner, etc., as a bonding experience. We are linked certified and only used linked Jewelry. 

permanent jewelry lashes permanent makeup brows toledo ohio and garden city michigan

Rings/ Toe Rings $30

Bracelet $50 

Anklet $70                     

Necklace $100 

Ring/Toe rings $40 

Bracelet $60 

Anklet $80 

Necklace $110 

Ring/ Toe rings  $65 

Bracelet  $85 

Anklet  $100 

Necklace $135 







No gold-plated Jewelry used.


Solid Gold is complete and %100 gold. Carat gold is alloyed with other metals. This mix creates a durability that adds strength to the jewelry and allows for color formation and variety. (yellow, white, rose gold) Solid gold can last a lifetime.  


Gold filled is very similar to solid gold and holds many of the same qualities. The outside layer of linked gold-filled jewelry is and will always be 14 carat gold. This means it will not tarnish or stain the skin. Gold filled has a much thicker layer than gold plated jewelry. When jewelry is gold filled, 5% of the jewelry is 14 carat gold meaning you do not have to worry about the base metals becoming exposed or having any reaction to sensitivities. Gold filled is not expensive as gold and requires less maintenance than gold plated jewelry.  


Sterling silver has 92.5% pure silver. The alloy is typically copper, nickel, or zinc. The alloy metals are very beneficial because it makes sterling silver much more durable and desirable. This alloy combination is found in a large variety of items including many household items because of its durability. These items also require continual polishing and care. 

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